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Harrow Property Prices


The average property price in the Harrow postcode area is £546k. The average price increased by £59.9k (12%) over the last twelve months. The price of an established property is £551k. The price of a newly built property is £420k. There were 2.8k property sales and sales dropped by 36.7% (-1.8k transactions). Most properties were sold in the £500k-£750k price range with 1030 (36.7%) properties sold, followed by £400k-£500k price range with 603 (21.5%) properties sold.

April 2020 – March 2021

Harrow postcode area

England and Wales


average property price


average property price


average price percentage change


average price percentage change


average price change


average price change

Harrow house prices map

This price map shows the average property price in a given postcode sector between April 2020 – March 2021. The most affordable place was ‘HA8 0’ with an average price of £352k. The most expensive place was ‘HA6 3’, £1.1M.

Harrow house prices compared to other areas

Comparison of the average property price and an average price percentage change by postcode area. Price % change compares the average property price between April 2020 – March 2021 to the average price in the previous 12 months. The size of the circle shows the number of property transactions. The bigger the circle the higher the sales volumes in the postcode area.

Harrow house price rank

With an average price of £546k, Harrow is the 13. most pricey postcode area out of 105 England and Wales’ postcode areas.

Harrow property sales share by price range

shows a number of properties sold in a given price range between April 2020 – March 2021.


Property price range Market share Sales volumes
 £50k-£100k 0.3% 8
 £100k-£150k 1.1% 30
 £150k-£200k 1.8% 51
 £200k-£250k 3.3% 94
 £250k-£300k 5.8% 164
 £300k-£400k 16.0% 448
 £400k-£500k 21.5% 603
 £500k-£750k 36.7% 1.0k
 £750k-£1M 8.9% 250
 over £1M 4.6% 130








Harrow cost comparison of new homes and older homes

April 2020 – March 2021


 A newly built property


 An established property

Harrow cost comparison of houses and flats

April 2020 – March 2021










Harrow house price to earnings ratio

The median property price to median earnings ratio is ranging between 13.1 in Harrow and 15.7 in Brent. Ie. Harrow resident with middle-income needs 13.1 gross annual salaries to buy a medium-priced property. Resident in Brent needs 15.7 annual salaries. The England and Wales ratio was 7.7 in 2019.

Local authority Median house price to the median salary ratio in 2019
England and Wales 7.7
Harrow 13.1
Brent 15.7